Massive thank you to Trups - LED kits that work!!!
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Massive thank you to Trups

Post by corneliusshaun » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:50 am

Had a regular fault on my C6 RS6 headlights where one side and then the other would just stop working but would usually be fine again if switched off and back on (luckily had only happened in poor light and never in complete darkness).
Trups fitted the car in at last minutes notice and within a couple of hours had it all sorted.
He really does know his stuff and I could not give a bigger recommendation.
Huge thanks Trups

2000 Merlin Purple S4 B5 part ex'd
S6 C5 part ex'd
S6 C6 sold
RS6 C6, MRC stage 2 763bhp

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