B9 RS4 or not?

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B9 RS4 or not?

Post by Kram67 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:32 pm

Hi all, first post!

I currently have a Macan GTS and time for a change.

Need a practical car, as we have a dog, maybe another one next year, and like the convenience of an SUV or estate.

Looked at the new X3M Competition, but couldn’t live with the ride quality - horrendous, especially on our roads in Gloucestershire.

I have always fancied an RS4 Avant, but for whatever reason never got round to buying one. However now, I really fancy the current B9 RS4 Avant, but.... really concerned about thefts!!!

We live in a small market town in the Cotswolds - you would think we would be reasonably safe, however a chap one street away had an RS6 and RS3 early this year and while he was on holiday, four masked men broke into his house looking for the keys, while they were away. Luckily he had left them with his sister who lived close by.

I came to register on this forum and the first two posts I saw in the general car chat are about stolen cars! 😬

I hate the fact that decisions in my life should be influenced by these scum, but am I stupid to ignore them...? Not sure I want to bring that kind of trouble to my house for a car.

So I started looking at top 10 stolen cars in the UK and the number car last year and was for several years is the X5, and I have had three of them. Also considering the new X5 model m50d which is a great car, if a little big for us these days. But somehow that wouldn’t stop me buying one, as they are made in much larger numbers, so the chances are lower.

Also, you don’t read much about X5 being stolen - your average X5 driver isn’t a petrolhead and doesn’t frequent forums so much, unlike RS4 owner, and they, rightly so, vent when their pride and joy is stolen, which you therefore read about. So stolen RS4 are more in the press/forums.

I guess my question is, how bad is it? How many of you own these cars and don’t garage them? Do you worry about it? Would it influence your buying decision etc...?

Thanks, Mark

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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by Kram67 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:17 pm

Very surprised by the complete lack of responses. Just to be clear I am not asking if I should buy one, as that is my decision. What I am trying to understand is, how RS4 thefts have influenced, if at all, peoples decsion making in buying, not buying, selling, ownership etc.

Trying to work out if I am over thinking....

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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by don0301 » Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:20 pm

I think there are "hot spots" where these scum operate. Birmingham/London/Midlands seems most prolific.

But, as you've said could happen anywhere.

I've only ever had a motorbike stolen in my life (advertised to sell and someone got the details and stole it) so don't really think about it personally. I've got an 08 RS6, had it for 5 years no problems.

It's personal IMHO whether you're willing to accept the chance that someones gonna come steal it.
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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by stevo55 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:44 pm

As has been said there are ‘hot spots’ (generally inner cities and wealthier parts therein) but it can happen anywhere.
From what I can gather there will be a number of ways that your car can be targeted:
1. Gang members identifying marks whilst hiding in plain sight (as a delivery driver/leaflet dropped for example). They then return with their crew and carry out their ‘real job’.
2. Getting followed home.
3. Having a lump (GPS tracker) placed on your targeted vehicle (for example at a hand car wash or while it’s parked up) which allows them to ‘house’ your vehicle.
4. Carjacking (fortunately rare although it does happen).
4. Off the street burglary (like your friend).

That’s only a few examples!
Up to you whether you get an RS4-I fancy one myself but they are still too expensive so aiming to get a C7 again. If you’re going to spend your life twitching and fretting about it getting lifted then maybe ask yourself is it worth it?
If you do get one:

1. Avoid keyless entry or get an RFID bag to put the keys in.
2. Fit a decent steering wheel lock.
3. Ideally garage it with decent security around the garage.
4. If not park it as close to a solid object (wall/building) as possible and turn your wheels in. This makes it harder for them to pinch your wheels (this is a thing as it happened to me earlier this year).

Basically put as many layers as you can between your asset and them without it becoming a massive pain in the arse and you don’t bother (sods law says the one time you forget or can’t be bothered is the time you need it the most). Whatever you choose do it every time. Without fail. Then it becomes a muscle memory and you won’t even think about it.

Few other bits but that should give you something to think about?

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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by MikeFish » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:15 pm

I heard they identify where the cars are parked by paying kids on bikes to spot them and tell them where they are parked.

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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by G30001 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:53 pm

I had mine stolen early November they broke in during the day when we weren't in. Had tried during the night a couple of times but I have a night Alarm (just updated to a monitored system) which scared them off.

Won't stop me keeping it when I get it back and wouldn't stop me in future.

Police said make it difficult but not impossible to steal your car without your input (I.e. Always leave a key downstairs and wouldn't recommend a ghost Alarm as they will drag you out of bed to disarm it), if they really want it they will get it just don't put you of family in their way.

And as above avoid keyless entry.

If it worries you buy a Volvo or Skoda.....but not a Golf R estate they seem to be no1 as big, easy to drive fast and anonymous.
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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by 535dboy » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:59 am

It is sad that you have to choose your car based on how attractive it is to theft!

Personally I would just crack on and get what you want otherwise thieves win.

Like everything you only hear 1 bad story to every hundred plus good stories - so take what you read and hear with a pinch of salt.

Not sure going from a GtS to a X5 will be a great move, I feel bmw have lost their way over the last few years and funnily enough I think they are still ‘hot property’ just for a different underworld market, particularly a top one like you propose.

The GTS will be a hard act to follow but the RS 4 is probably a good choice in that regard

Enjoy hunting
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Re: B9 RS4 or not?

Post by ShaneyB » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:11 pm

Hi Kram,
I was targeted in September for my C43 and our house alarm scared 4 of them off. We were all in bed at the time. I did think to myself 'that's it, I'm finished with performance cars' and pondered getting a nice diesel but nothing too flash. That thought lasted about an hour as I am not having my life dictated to by scum like car thieves. Had they actually confronted any of my family it may have been a different story but they didn't get that far. OK somebody may come back for my new car some day and to be completely honest, they can have it. I have GAP insurance.

I did test the B9 RS4 and it was a nice drive with some good tech and quick but I just can't look past the wheels which are horrendous IMHO. Very Hot Wheels looking. It also felt quite soulless in the cabin but not a bad overall package particularly in your circumstances.

I'm now the proud owner of a C7 RS6 Performance. Screw the thieves mate and get what you want or you will only regret it.

Good luck with the search.


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