Fuel Mix Issues

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Fuel Mix Issues

Post by toneRS7 » Tue Jan 11, 2022 12:39 pm

Hi All,

Been checking on the forum for some time but this my first post searching for your knowledge.

I have a '16 RS7 which I've owned for over three years now. I always used main dealers for all my Audis in the past but when this one presented an engine light I couldn't get a booking for many weeks. I found a local independent who came highly recommended and they took the car in. By the time it went in it had a really loud whistle and I couldn't get the oil filler out. Classic PCV problem. So I had them change the PCV, do a full service and change spark plugs too.
Not a small amount of money.

I got the same engine light on about 65 miles later and returned it to them. They read the codes, charged me for an hour searching TPI's and was told that they thought they had found a TPI which addressed the problem. They suggested that they replace the two high pressure fuel pumps and if that didn't cure it then they should replace the injectors. Obviously no small task as the injectors require the engine to come out apparently.

I have the car back, it is running fine but has again come up with the engine light. A scan shows it is running rich on the left hand cylinder bank. Anyone have any experience of similar? Pondering what to do next...



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