Spongy C7 S6 Avant brakes

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Spongy C7 S6 Avant brakes

Post by alangjones » Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:04 pm

Advice please.
My September 2014 S6 Avant has just had the brake fluid changed at 30150 miles. The brakes are now very spongy, I can, with firm foot pressure, get the pedal to the floor. There is quite a bit of travel before the brakes bite. Tried some emergency stops and would not like to do this for real. In the old days I remember master cylinder seals going gave this feeling. I wonder whether there could be a servo problem. Audi have bled and re-bled after the fluid change. Pumping up the brakes several times only makes them a small bit firmer.
Audi will be taking it back in next week and it is drive-able with care, no heavy right foot though. Has anyone any ideas as to what might be the problem.
Cheers All and thanks
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