RS6 & M6

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RS6 & M6

Post by ChrisRS6 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:56 pm

Bit of a strange comparison to make, but I have a (standard) C5 RS6 Avant and my mate has a (standard) M6.

He allowe me a 20 min spin in the M6 and first driver impressions from me were that it felt noticably quicker than my RS6. I think on paper the M6 is 0.1 quicker in th 0-62 dash, but it just 'felt' quicker.
Maybe it's the sleek sloping bonnet, or the high-pitched noise from the V10 exhaust (compared to the deeper rumble from the V8).

Also was loving the M6's throttle blip when using the paddles to shift down.
Gearbox also seemed to react much, much quicker to paddles changes (can't remember what gearbox setting was in the M6 though).

Personally, the M6 isn't practical enough for me as I use the Avant to carry lots of Mountain bikes (and kit), my surfboards and of course, lest I forget, my 10-month-old daugher (and mountains of her equipment).
Also prefer the more 'stealthy' look of a boxy estate car to the sleek coupe styling of the M6. Makes it more of a surprise when you open the taps on the RS6 and dissapear into the distance.

Much better spec interior on the M6 - better equipment levels (sat-nav and entertainment system is much better than the RNS-D!).
iDrive system also allows you to get much more info from the car, but the amount of adjusments available for gearbox, Traction etc etc.. a bit bewildering for me who can only choose 'On' or 'Off' on the ESP!

Over the past 2 years, running costs are roughly the same on both.

Ideally - M6 for weekend drives on my own, RS6 for daily transport and carrying around dirty / wet bikes and boards on the roof, and boxes of gear in the boot!

Took them both on holiday last year and had to choose which '6' to take each morning. I want to have that choice every day!
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Re: RS6 & M6

Post by wrekka » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:40 pm

M6 in wet conditions will not feel quick but dangerous where the performance of the rs6 will be roughly the same in the wet. My mates m5 is quick if it's bone dry, other than that it is a nightmare and my rs4 beats it hands down overall
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