The Perfect Car for a Charity Expedition?- Please share

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The Perfect Car for a Charity Expedition?- Please share

Post by bakerdcb » Mon Jun 07, 2021 5:56 pm

One year ago today I was in hospital with my 12 year old son, Fionn (Fin,) supporting him through a really tough battle with cancer. Along with the pandemic, this was a good reason to write-off 2020!

Anyway, the good news is that Fionn is currently cancer free and has recovered really well from his treatment and subsequent complications. One of the things he and I now want to do is to raise both awareness and money for childhood cancers, supporting 4 charities which have helped us a lot. If you have the time then please take a look at our website read our story. We'd be very grateful for any support and that's particularly around sharing. I don't have any social media to speak of and so I'm relying on those people who do to spread the word and share our site. So far we've raised just over £5,500 and the 4 charities are about to do a joint press release to promote our challenge nationally so we're hoping to raise plenty more before we start in July.

I know it's not normal practice to post pictures of our cars with their plates in full view but when Fionn contracted his cancer in March 2019 I purchased this plate for the car he loves so much because his nickname has been Bubs ever since he was a baby. Naming the car after him was one of the few things that made him smile during his treatment. We'll be using the RS to get us to Scotland in July and then all over to complete our mission. Hopefully it will be 2000+ miles of fun driving on some of the best roads in the country. Please have a read and any help gratefully received- Cheers Deane
ImageBub by Deane Baker, on Flickr

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