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Post by IchBautAuto » Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:41 am

Received an email from, the text of which is "Thank you for subscribing on our old site, our site has been updated.

Now, you can download car diagnostic softwares, chiptuning files, immo off files, airbag reset files, radio decode tools, workshop manuals, etc."

Pass on all the above, I don't ever remember visiting a site that offers those services however, does anyone know who this is? There is such a site but I haven't gone past the front page so not that inclined to get too curious without knowing some more. Not that I would ever look at installing software on my car from other than a trusted source. The ultimate gotcha. Appreciate it if anyone knows if this is a genuine site or another in the long list of scams around today.

Things must be desperate as I've noticed that the paltry sums that were being deposited into my account by those generous people out there have moved up from a few hundred to the tens of thousands. Plus all the girls with photos and other not so interesting stuff. Finally all those businesses that I may have purchased one something from up to 10 years ago are now sending me emails checking if I'm still a viable customer. Definitely nothing on the net ever gets deleted. It really is a new world.
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