Stern adjustable drop Links for RS4 B7

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Stern adjustable drop Links for RS4 B7

Post by theperm » Sun May 15, 2022 11:29 pm

Stern Drop Links for RS4 B7

They haven't seen a lot of action these to be honest, put them on then took them off.
Must have done 2000 miles if anything.
Sold the car years ago and only just found them.

I had rubber boots around the rose joint to protect them (they dont come with them)
And I concocted a rubberised thing around the main bearing just to keep the dirt out. Thats what u see on one of them, the other has came of, its easily peeled off if you want to expose it.
I thought best to keep out the dirt and keep the maintenance to a minimum. These are well looked after.

I also got some spare inserts to the arbs machined as I lost one of mine, so there's a few spare and spare set of bolts should the unthinkable happen.

£80 inc shipping or offers.

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