Who's come from a B7?

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Who's come from a B7?

Post by chive90 » Mon May 03, 2021 12:56 pm

I currently drive a MK5 R32 and have had my eye on B7's for a while as I would love to buy one. However, prices especially in the last few months seem to have skyrocketed and it seems you can buy a B8 on 60/70k miles for often the same price or less. I'll be honest and say that I prefer the looks of the B7 saloon but it's hard to look past and completely rule out a car that is 5 years newer.

Who's come from a B7 and can offer an insight into how they differ?
How do running costs compare?
Is the B8 as chuckable as the B7 Saloon or is it more of a family cruiser?
The B7 famously suffers from DRC failure and carbon build up, what are the issues with the B8?


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Re: Who's come from a B7?

Post by Silverfox42 » Mon May 03, 2021 3:04 pm

I have went from a B7 to and RS5 B8 then onto the RS4 B8 soon after. I am now back in a B7 Convertible as a weekend/funday car.
In my view the B7 is 'analogue' vs the B8 being 'digital' in terms of tech and overall finish.
Running costs were similar, but the gearing of the B8 gives a little better MPG on a run.
I found the B7 more involving and 'checkable' as a manual but the B8 is very capable, in Dynamic mode the gearbox setup if pretty aggressive.

I have no DRC issues with my B7 (or the current one) but had 2 shocks replaced and a full recharge under warranty on the B8. To me DRC is like hearing bad reviews vs good reviews - folk always first to report the bad stuff over reporting something for doing its job. Agreed that failures were high but indi specialists have a firm grip on the issues and remedy, and I am not aware of a non-DRC setup out performing the original DRC set up. With both B7 and B8, be prepared for a budget to fix issues if they are out of warranty.

Most other things are well documented on here, such as.
B7 - Aux rads, Oil cooler, DRC, clutch switches, Xenon ballasts, Carbon build up, exhaust valves seizing.
B8 - Gear box failure if 40k oil change not done, DRC, mine went through tyres quite quickly, sunroof squeaks and leaks, exhaust tip pitting

Both B7 and B8 prices seem to have stabilised and lower mileage cars increasing in value, with less on the road. My original B7 'loon I traded in for £16k was recently re-sold for £24k with only 10k more miles put on it in the 6 years since I sold it. The B7 convertible I purchased last summer has held its value well, and checking Pistonheads / Autotrader compatible age/mileage cars seem to have increased in value - they are getting rare.

I had an Audi A3 Quattro 3.2V6 for a while before the RS's so can confirm which ever RS you choose, the experience will be very different from the R32.
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Re: Who's come from a B7?

Post by Rusty Racer » Tue May 04, 2021 6:29 pm

Agree with all the above. I had a 3.2 TT back in the day and the B8 is a flyer compared to that. The engine is glorious, especially at high revs!
I think you would be lucky to get a car that needed nothing spending on it and many seem to get sold before the 40k/6 year service so best to keep some dollar in reserve.
No using mine as a daily and are very pleased
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