Moving to a RS3

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Re: Moving to a RS3

Post by ricje » Mon May 08, 2017 9:18 pm

gsc wrote:Late to the thread but having had an 8P RS3 for 4 year I thought I'd chip in. It depends on what you want from a car. The tech is dated but isn't from the dark ages.

Looks wise if you took the front from the 8P and the rear from the 8V it would be spot on. Limited numbers help the 8P on residuals.

Ride is firm but not uncomfortable, best mods are the 034 rear ARB and secondary cat replacement pipes. Set of MPSS's / Goodyear Assy 3's and Redstuff pads all round will sort out ride, grip and braking

Hatch boot is very handy, rear cabin room a lot better than the RS5. If you can get a well sorted example for early to mid £20's it s a no brained. Stage 1 remap it with perhaps an Intercooler and it'll keep up with most cars 3x + it's price and give you 30+ mpg all day long.

I only traded up as I was at a point of chasing more power and performance at the end of the PCP I had and at the time. For the price of the 8V saloon with the options I would have wanted I got what I have now which ticked the box of more Performance.
You have gone for a new rs3 saloon? When they arrive?

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Re: Moving to a RS3

Post by gsc » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:55 am

No mate, went and purchased a facelift RS7 instead, cost a lot less than what a new RS3 saloon would have with the same options and is a whole lot more car and performance for the money

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