Audi RS5 - Suspension Setup

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Audi RS5 - Suspension Setup

Post by 3892luke » Wed Jan 27, 2021 2:14 pm

Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this forum & despite trolling through multiple topics on the B8 suspension setup i'm still unable to conclude what route to go down.

That being said; i'm hoping you guys can help?

I currently have a audi rs5 B8 with 40K on the clock however this is no surprise to you all that i'm currently experiencing "DRC" issues.

The good news is that the shocks aren't leaking & so there must be a leak in the piping perhaps thats caused the system to de-pressurise & create that dreaded knocking noise!!

That being said, i'm looking to lower my vehicle by circa 25mm to get that perfect wheel / arch gap so i'm looking at the following options. I'm hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction given most of you will have experienced & dealt with issue....

Option 1
KW HAS - Audi Specialist to remove suspension from car, remove existing oil in exhange for new ensuring system is pressured at 16psi with no air trapped in the system
Question - Will the KW springs provide 25mm or more ride height reduction? & I am preventing the inevitable with the DRC shocks failing at a later date?

In which case...

Option 2
KW3 or Ohlins (R&T..OHL008) - KW3 comes with "Electronic damper cancellation" & gives me the ride height and setup required. Is this setup reliable & will it provide a better driving experience versus "DRC"?
Ohlins are i guess the top of the range however having read on forums they appear to need servicing every 3 years!! is that so? Do they offer equal to or better driving experience versus KW3?

As you can imagine Ohlins is considerably cheaper however i want to ensure i'm getting the best bang for buck!

Appreciate your support/responses fellas!


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