Pulley size

3.0 V6 24v TFSI - 329 bhp
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Pulley size

Post by Itsmebt » Thu Dec 10, 2020 7:12 pm

:s4addict: sorry if this has been covered before, I have an S4 B8.5 2016 Revo tell me this model already has a smaller pulley ? I’m surprised as I’ve ordered a new pulley from CTS Turbo, offering up the two and measuring with a set of verniers the CTS one is definitely smaller ?
My intention was to install the pulley my self then go for a steady ride to get it mapped ( bought the CTS pulley from the states as I work out there occasionally )
So first call was Revo and they have left me thinking have I wasted my money ?
All the forums seem to talk about going smaller on the supercharge pulley....Yet Revo say the later B8.5 already have the smaller pulley - mine is a bolt on type.

Any advise would be appreciated please

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