Anyone moved from an MRC Tuned B8 S4 to a Remapped C7 S6?

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Anyone moved from an MRC Tuned B8 S4 to a Remapped C7 S6?

Post by Anees » Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:25 am

Hi Guys,

Not been on here for a while!!

I have a MRC Remapped Stage 2 S4 Avant. Due to an expanding family I am thinking of upgrading to an S6 Avant. I prefer the looks of the S6 and I know with a remap they produce very good power too.

Has anyone made a similar jump?

How does the Twin Turbo 4.0L v8 in the S6 compare to the supercharged 3.0L in the S4 with regards to power delivery and the power band? I absolutely LOVE LOVE my S4 and the way it drives and delivers power but I am getting a little bored now and a larger car would be helpful.

My concerns with the S6 are the size and weight and how that affects handing and responsiveness of the chassis. The S4 with the Sports diff you can have good fun with on country roads (its almost like driving a posh Evo lol) and its great on the motorway and probably my perfect daily driver ever (If you don't take fuel into consideration) :lol:

I need to drive the S6 to see what I think but they were never popular so I don't have one locally for sale that I can go to test drive but I'll have to hunt one down if I decide to switch.

Thanks for any advice :)


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Re: Anyone moved from an MRC Tuned B8 S4 to a Remapped C7 S6?

Post by fcuk1_6 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:41 pm

I have had two MRC stage 2 tuned B8 S4s (last with Sports Diff) and now have a remapped S7 with AWE exhaust and would say they are very comparable in regards to power level and delivery and with the exhaust the V8 really does sound amazing but it is a noticeably heavier car with more body roll.

I should however add that having owned both an Impreza Blobeye and Evo IX GT (all be it both had coilovers) I wouldn't have said the S4 was on the same planet as either of them handling wise (especially the Evo) so the difference I have noticed between the S4 and S7 may not affect you if you feel the S4 is truly "almost like driving a posh Evo".

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Re: Anyone moved from an MRC Tuned B8 S4 to a Remapped C7 S6?

Post by MikeFish » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:54 pm

The S6 with an armytrix exhaust sounds awesome.

Haven't driven either but I'd have guessed at exactly what was said above.
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