Lowered and spaced

4.2 V8 32v Naturally Aspirated - 349 bhp (Coupe 2007 - 2012)
4.2 V8 32v Naturally Aspirated - 350 bhp (2007 - 2012)
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Re: Lowered and spaced

Post by Nickyboy » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:13 pm

Ian_C wrote:Parked very near a facelifted S5 coupe 3.0 today, I have to say it was sitting quite high! :o

Normally I'm not a fan of messing with the OE suspension, but I do wonder whether the facelifted 3.0s are sitting slightly higher than the prefacelift 4.2 V8 which looked fine tbh, that suspension drop looks spot on Nicky, about 30mm you reckon?
By looking at other people's 30mm drop I'd say that's about right. Certainly wouldn't go any lower.
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Re: Lowered and spaced

Post by Ian_C » Sun Jun 02, 2013 8:22 pm

No, definitely not. Grounded my cats / downpipes going over a brutal speed bump into a pub car park on mothers day with five people in the car. I could hardly ask my mum and my grandma to get out.....

Was only going 2mph on the way in as I could see it was a whopper, on the way out I tried it diagonal but it still grounded just behind the front axle. Standard suspension, standard downpipes and cats (Milltek is only a cat back which doesn't start until further back). 225/45/17 winter tyres would give a negligible different in rolling diameter (and of course only half that difference radius wise)
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