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Post by R5XVB » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:39 pm

Does anyone have any experience of using this diagnostic tool called Super VAG K+CAN?

I've plugged it into both my Allroad and RS6 but get the same error code with the Odometer Correction feature over K-Line. The car I need to amend (dead pixel disease) is a 2004 Allroad, the comms are up but only this particular feature fails to function although it does initially connect then tries each 'type' of instrument cluster this always returns Error 17 after the automatic search completes. Have also updated the device to the latest BIOS 1.5 and software 4.8.1 which is working well otherwise. Strangely though I have a duff ambient temp sensor (reads -41'c although it almost feels it today) and that isn't showing up as an error on the RS.

I read the instrument PIN but it isn't asked for - there's not much on YouTube to review the actual operation, found one Skoda owner using CAN but hoping someone here has experience to share.

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