Anyone running a Torqbyte PM4? LPFP Issues

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Anyone running a Torqbyte PM4? LPFP Issues

Post by vr6geek » Mon Feb 26, 2024 10:03 pm

Hi all,

I'm looking for anyone with experience with Torqbyte's PM4 Fuel Pump Controller in a B7 RS4. Since the OEM Controller for the RS4 is no longer manufactured, I need some kind of solution. My OEM Controller is fried according to a local Shop, so I bought and installed a PM4 without looking close enough. The website says it's plug and play with the B7 A4, S4 and RS4. Problem is, there is no pre-made RS4 fueling configuration to download from Torqbyte. Torqbyte themselves recommended that I run the TTRS configuration, but it still doesn't feel right. Has anyone fiddled around and made a custom map that emulates the original B7 RS4's Controller?

On a possibly related note, my LPFP burnt out while test driving the RS4 yesterday after the PM4 install. It was a new unit that I had installed, along with a new Fuel Filter. I'm assuming this means that it was being run at a very high duty cycle, either because fuel delivery at the front of the car wasn't sufficient, or because the Pump Controller settings were running it ragged. Maybe I'm way off base with my focus on the Pump configuration settings, and should be focusing on finding out other reasons why the LPFP failed?

On another semi-related note, I've been in search of OEM options that could work with the B7 RS4 as a Fuel Pump Controller. The Controller from a V8 R8 from the same year (also Q7) has the same plug, but is an all-in-one unit without the "dongle" that the RS4's unit has. I might plug this in once I get my new LPFP in, but fitment under the bench is going to be a problem without that length of wiring between the Controller and the plug. Is anyone using another OEM unit from a different model?

Thanks in advance for any help on this. I bought this car used and in rough shape back in October 2022, and I've been attempting to restore/modify it with my limited mechanical knowledge and Forums/YouTube.

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