B7 RS4 Carbon Clean Tutorial Video

4.2 V8 32v Naturally Aspirated - 414 bhp
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B7 RS4 Carbon Clean Tutorial Video

Post by longlivenacars » Sat Dec 04, 2021 10:01 pm

Hey all,

New to the forum, have owned my RS4 for about 6 months now. I recently started a YouTube channel and am aiming to go full time soon. The attached link is a step by step guide for carbon cleaning the 4.2 FSI in the RS4. Soon coming will be detailed intake manifold video and Part 2 of carbon clean. Please like, subscribe and share and my videos are sure to help the DIYers out there. Thanks! :greyrs4:


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Re: B7 RS4 Carbon Clean Tutorial Video

Post by OscarC01 » Fri May 13, 2022 3:12 pm

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