Local independant - Herts

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Local independant - Herts

Post by Silverfox42 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 6:30 pm

On a referral by a friend for good work done on my pals Audi that Main stealer wanted £000's for and was resolved for a couple of hundred, I put my RS in with RTI Auto Services as there were a few low priority issues that I wanted to get on top off.

I had run a VAG-Com scan myself, and new roughly what was needed but only went in with a parking sensor failure and clutch switch replacement (I had broken 2 trying to do it myself!)

On arrival, there was an RS4 B5 is great condition, which turned out to be the garage owners and immediately he enthused about his passion for RS and S models.

A phone call the next day and all the minor faults were confirmed, but also an offer of a proactive fix of my rear exhaust valves which I had left open and disconnected the vacuum pipes as I could not free them up.

As we cant go anywhere unless essential, I was happy for the car to stay for a week which meant it could be worked on around other jobs.

Picked the car up today, all work carried out (clutch switches both replaced so the car starts with the clutch down and cruise control works again) + a new fuel filter had been fitted that I had left in the boot + fuel additive to flush the old out.

They are no MRC as there is definitely a preference for 'stock' cars, but Robert (the owner) is a definite enthusiast+owner and I feel I had good value, service and a nice request to bring her back for the next service/MOT.

They advertise on Facebook, and other referral sites, and can be found here:

https://www.autoyas.com/GB/Wheathampste ... es-Limited
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