General thoughts of my rs4

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General thoughts of my rs4

Post by Chaniboy » Fri Mar 26, 2021 1:46 pm

Hi all!

Late last summer I bought my first Audi rs4. Sadly winter came early and I didnt get to drive it very much, but now its soon time to take it out again :rocker:


It is an 2008 with 110k kms.

Some mods;

Bilstein coilovers
Milltek midpipe with Akrapovic endpipes
Sachs clutch
20"x10 front 20"x11 back
Front splitter
Honeycomb grill

other than that it is good equipped from factory with rs-seats and lambo steeringwheel etc.

First of all I wonder how you guys do with service after winter? It was a big service done just when I got it (last october), all fluids, sparkplugs, intake cleaned from carbon etc. I have only driven it like 1500kms since then. But do I need to change some fluids now after it has been stored during winter? ofc inside a warm garage.

I also feel like something is missing.. Im not sure if I want to keep these rims, I like them alot, but I think black 20s might be better.. Maybe tinted windows? Feel free to give me your thoughts and advices on mods I should do that maybe you have done. I know its a matter of taste, but I would like some inspiration!

Best regards Jacob

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General thoughts of my rs4

Post by AA_954 » Fri Mar 26, 2021 3:35 pm

Beautiful find and car and I hope that you get to enjoy it more in the coming months.

Fluids should be fine if you already flushed and changed them all recently

I think a light shade of window tint is always welcome and with the wheels, not sure if black but definately a darker color or liven it up a bit with a bronze, gold, or something along those lines, you have what we got in the US what seems the characteristics of the TI package (minus the avant as we did not get that version), where some items in the exterior are pretty much blacked out ie: front grill surround, windown trim, darker mirrors and in our cases the original wheels would come in a darker color similar to titanium, this in addition to some other small changes in the interior such as piano black trim.

Regarding mods it will really depend what you want to get the car ready for, just weekend drives during warmer months and/or the occasional track day?

I would at least add a rear sway bar upgrade with adjustable end links, H&R seems to be a popular choice over there although there are other options like 034 and Hotchkis (not sure though if the RSB in avants are the same as in the sedans)

In addition Downpipes are always a popular upgrade, as you mentioned that you have a Milltek midpipe I would go catless if you can get away with it and don’t mind the occasional smell, I’m not sure if that midpipe is functioning as a H or X pipe as well?

Finally maybe something cosmetic like painting the calipers in a different color, bright red or the color of your choice.

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Re: General thoughts of my rs4

Post by coffey555 » Fri Mar 26, 2021 4:29 pm

Yes, the roof rails are missing!
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Re: General thoughts of my rs4

Post by Chaniboy » Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:13 am

Thank you! I will take the summer to decide on the wheels. I will maybe also buy another frontsplitter in carbon fiber.

I wont go on the race-track with this one. But maybe a downpipe upgrade would be nice.

The roof rails has been removed. I have them at home ;)

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Re: General thoughts of my rs4

Post by TrevoRS4 » Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:42 pm

Which Sachs clutch do you have?

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