falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

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falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

Post by darkwolfe » Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:16 am

I've been bored of my RS4 for a while now, not that it's a bad car but I rarely keep a car over a year and I've had this coming up to 3 now.

It's got 145k on it and I've tried selling it but without success, I've sold it 3 times on ebay. First time i was stupid enough to end the auction for a cash offer but they then never showed up despite saying for a few weeks they would. I should have asked for more than £100 deposit. The second time the bidder just didnt make contact. 3rd time it went for so little £8400! That i was kinda glad to get an email off the guy that he needed to pull out of the buy and offered to pay the listing fee.

It's not like it's a bad car, FSH, most audi but the last is unit 20, where everything that could be serviced was. The body and interior are in good shape, no holes or real wear, all the climte buttons are intact with no missing paint, same for the S button. It's got comfort seats, which i guess is less attractive but in a cabrio the wingbacks make the back useless.

So i've got a car that's worth about £8k I guess and I can't think of anything for the money I'd rather drive, so I got into the frame of mind of keeping it. Got in it at the weekend and EML started flashing!, Also coincidentally the clutch started to stick halfway as i moved it around and it felt really notchy, with a click halfway.

I then started to think, I wished it had gone for the £8400!

So got it into the local-ish VAG specialist to do a diagnosis, PSI in Stoke on Trent. They're only about 20 or so miles away from Cheshire. Thinking it needed a coilpack and potentially a new clutch. :boohoo:

They called with the words 'Good and bad news' which filled me with a sinking £2000 or so potential bill.

Turns out it needed 2 coild packs, 7 and 8, seems strange they would fail together but hey ho.

The clutch? Turns out theres a spring/valve type thing on the peddle to return it to the top, this had seized. Bit of freeing off and some grease and we're as good as new.

So what next, thinking i had a lucky escape with the clutch there. So going to spend the 'clutch' money on new bushes/arms for the front to tighten things up, put a milltek on it and replace the RNSE with an 8" Alpine navigation system.

Still can't believe it's an 8K car though, I realise a car is worth what some one will buy it for but even selling it for zero reserve no one ever came to see it. Criminal ;)

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Re: falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

Post by DavidRS4 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 5:47 pm

They are awesome cars. The bills can be crippling though!
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Re: falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

Post by darkwolfe » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:35 pm

I was wondering if the clutch spring might be an issue others are experiencing with their peddles sticking halfway and thinking it's the clutch, might be interesting to see who's changed their clutch and still had a sticking peddle.

The part that was seized on mine was the over centre clutch peddle return spring, the spring takes over from the pressure plate as that only lifts the peddle just over halfway.

Also does anyone know if the cylinder injector is switched off when a coil pack goes down? I was thinking it could be a bad idea to drive the car if it isn't as fuel would wash away lubricant in the cylinder as the vehicle is driven.

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Re: falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

Post by RS4LAD » Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:24 am

It can happen, Iv bought one with 180k miles for £4900. It had a decent spec too, wingbacks, fbsw, sunroof.

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Re: falling out of love, coil packs and sticking clutch

Post by Covkiller » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:03 am

What's wrong with 145k miles if the car has been serviced correctly, people are stupid. You either buy a new RS4 and spend a fortune, or buy an older RS4 and fix it. These cars are getting old and cheap to buy, but cost the same price to maintain.
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