Now at my whits end!!!!

2.2 I5 20v turbo - 230bhp
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Now at my whits end!!!!

Post by AndyH-R6S » Fri Aug 29, 2008 1:28 pm

Having just got the UrS6 back from its MOT and oil Change service and an assumed diagnostic (as they did last time and found nothing!!) by the Garage who specialises in these types of cars, when first driven from cold everything is OK. Get it on the motorway 15 to 20 minutes later and the fun starts!

The car is now limiting boost most of the time to ‘1.2 to 1.3 bar’ (Instrument cluster boost gauge) and the car is really sluggish but every now and then it self clears itself and it’s off like the clappers. (It was not like this when it went in to the garage!!) Although it had a minor stutter before it went into the garage, which has been looked into in every way possible but nothing could be found when the car goes into the garage and it works OK!!!

I really need help here please as it’s not going back to people who do not understand what’s going on, I know how the car drives and what it does or does not do in this case and unless it dose a diagnostic run while actually being driven for half an hour with a laptop connected, I will get nowhere unless I can get more good help from all of you.


I have one of those fault readers (U281) with a ‘scart’ type connector for Audi cars. Where do I plug it in? Or does it need a converter cable to us it on a ’97 Ur S6’? (((The garage has done another full vacuum test and all is OK and it was supposed to be boosting OK but apparently the only fault logged was a ‘Knock sensor’ but when erased it did not do it again) If it is a knock sensor, can these bits of kit start to fail and cause slightly hesitant running but not loads of fault logs?) The garage also said the turbo was slightly noisy but I noticed that when I changed the boost hoses to Samco ones from the original Audi kit about a year ago. Putting your hand on top of the plenum remove most of the excess noise so I was putting it down to the silicon hoses not absorbing the noise like the Audi rubber versions?)

When the car is fully warmed up it does not always allow boost over 1.2 to 1.3 bar and as stated above it only had a slight hesitation before it went into the garage but flooring the throttle it was off previously. Now flooring the throttle does nothing when in limp home (I think?) mode comes into play. I cannot hear much turbo whistle and I must admit it really does not feel rough, it just obviously limiting the power. (No popping or banging. (I have been under the car and nothing appears loose, all looks OK and I have checked all the connectors, etc.))

If I cannot sort the issue, (Although replacing kit might find it but its going to be very costly and I do not want to go there) would a run with suitable software loaded into a laptop show up the issue and direct me or anybody to the primary cause of the fault? (Anybody close to Bexleyheath, England who knows how to use the kit, ETC)

It really is a shame as the car runs very well most of the time, it’s just the niggling hesitation that I know it should not do, spoils the enjoyment but the latest garage debacle has left me fuming!!!

Sorry for the data dump and the obvious upset nature of the above but I am on the edge at the present moment. I just whish I could find somebody who knows the cars!!

:cry: :cry:

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