S6 repair manual

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S6 repair manual

Post by aaronryba » Tue Sep 05, 2006 2:43 am


I just purchase a 95 S6 w/ 135k Miles. About to begin Project Money Pit and I was looking for the Bentley manual. It looks like this one is out or print as Bentley only offers the 3rd volume in the set and nothing on Amazon or Ebay.

Has anyone tried the "eBahn" web subsription? It is about $80/year compared to the $265 for the hardcopy out-of-print original Bentley version.

If anyone has the hard copy for sale, I would be interested.

Any other repair manual recommendations are appreciated!


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RE: S6 repair manual

Post by quattrokid1 » Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:39 pm

I have all 3 Bentley volumes, brand new condition...is that 265 dollars PER volume? I have the S4 which by and large is the same as yours, stand fast an airbag perhaps.

almost 900 dollars is what? 450 quid in todays money.

Where are you?

make me an offer.
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