New S4 owner

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New S4 owner

Post by olliecampbell » Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:59 pm

Hello all,

I've been a long term stalker, but have final entered my first step of Audi ownership. I'll post some pictures of the car up soon, but have just bought a 56 plate S4 Avant Auto with 100,000 miles on the clock and Audi service history. So far I love it, it's very smooth and has some great power and I'm really enjoying the Auto box!

I'm building a list of things that I want to do, call me critical/picky but I notice lots of detail and it will irritate me not knowing if some of these have been properly carried out or not! Of course please chime in to tell me if I've missed anything obvious and can you let me know if the parts are correct?:

Gearbox & diff oil change
The autobox lurches sometimes when dropping from 2nd to 1st. I'm going to carry out a gearbox oil and filter change in the hope that it helps. Is Castrol Transmax Z ATF the right stuff and how much will I need? Opie are suggesting "ZF Lifeguard 8 ATF" instead.
Similarly differential oil capacity & flavour - Is Castrol SAF-XO 75w90 correct and how much?

Engine service
I'm going to carry out an engine service too (call me paranoid) with some Castrol Edge Titanium 5w-30, a filter and some Bosch FGR7KQE0 's. Correct oil? What capacity?
I would normally use Prestone, any advice on something different and capacities?

Brake fluid
Is standard DOT5 OK for the brakes?

Everything else:
  • Having massively out of date (2006 originals!) satnav maps, even though I don't use them that often, will annoy me. I'll source a decent replacement disc.
  • Where's the best place to get Audi parts from? Audi themselves? How do you guys rate the Eurocarparts oil filters if I were to use them?
  • Other than using VCDS, is there a way to change the service intervals from Longlife to fixed?
  • Change the wipers. They're a little old, just going to go with the usual Bosch aero's
  • Are there any ECU/TCU firmware updates that I should get Audi (or someone else?) to do to the car?
  • What's the neatest way to get bluetooth and ideally DAB into the car?
  • Interior LED bulb change
  • Connolise the leather. It's a bit grubby.
  • Full alignment check
  • If I haven't bankrupted myself after that little list, a set of tyres!

I'm off to rob a bank to pay for all of this!

Thanks in advance!

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