Error on build sticker?

4.2 V8 40v Naturally Aspirated - 339bhp
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Error on build sticker?

Post by chieflorenzo » Wed May 04, 2022 12:11 am

Is it uncommon to see an error on the build info Sticker?

The reason I ask is that the Trans Code on the build Sticker doesn't seem to match the gearbox as the Trans Code is JTR which I believe is auto (I haven't checked the code stamped on the gearbox, however I'm pretty sure it's manual transmission :lol:). I'm confident that everything about the car checks out, i.e. the build Sticker hasn't been tampered with, all references to the VIN number check out, right the way through its documented history and in everywhere else that I know to check it. I know it's possible it's had an aftermarket transmission swap but the history suggests this is also highly unlikely.

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