RS5 costs compared to S5

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RS5 costs compared to S5

Post by loosedaddy » Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:08 pm


I am looking at getting a 2014 S5 or RS5.

I would prefer the RS5 with the V8 than the S5 6VT for the sound and the more aggressive styling. I won't be taking it on a track and so the S5 is probably a more sensible choice put I am still pulled more towards the RS5.

I had been put off the RS5 by the potentially high running costs but is the S5 actually going to be much cheaper as a daily driver (about 7K miles pre year)? I would get a warranty with either car.

My heart wants the RS but my head is saying S5.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated

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Re: RS5 costs compared to S5

Post by djrltd » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:49 pm

I had exactly the same decision to make with the S4 & RS4 B8 (also considered a B9 S4)
I ended up with the B8 2014 RS4 and I love it. I felt like I'd end up still wanting for an RS if I went for the S.
Didn't buy it expecting it to be cheap to run, but 20mpg as a maximum is a little shock for the system coming from a super efficient van, but it's worth it.
Re running costs, I also figured the RS4 would probably hold it's value a little better over time, so swings and roundabouts over time. I had to pull the trigger in the end.
Good luck with the search.

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Re: RS5 costs compared to S5

Post by 5thto3rd » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:32 pm

Had my RS5 now about 3 months and no regrets about buying it. It's also a 64 plate and the more I research about these cars the more impressed I am with the spec level and performance. 7000 miles a year is not a great deal so the running costs should be reasonable for what you get in return. Very limited amount of these cars on the road, I think I have only seen one other RS5 while I've been out driving. I'm based up in the Newastle area so if your local give me a shout.

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