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New Forums and Forum Category

Post by PhilT » Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:50 pm

Bit of an update today 😎

New forums:
TTRS (Mk3 Typ 8S) – viewforum.php?f=137
RS6 (C8 Typ 5G) - viewforum.php?f=138
RS7 (C8) - viewforum.php?f=139
TTS (Typ 8S) - viewforum.php?f=140
S5 (B9) - viewforum.php?f=141
S6 (C8) - viewforum.php?f=142
SQ2 (MQB) - viewforum.php?f=145
SQ5 (Typ FY) - viewforum.php?f=146
SQ8 (MLB) - viewforum.php?f=147

New Forum Category "Audi S & RS SUV Discussion Forums" viewforum.php?f=144

If there are any posts/threads in the wrong forum, then let me know via the "Report this post" function 👍
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