Potential future owner saying Hi!

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Potential future owner saying Hi!

Post by MirrorJohn » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:24 pm

Hi everyone :bigwave:

I am currently daily driving a Honda S2000 that I am planning on turning in to a track car and I have a Bmw E46 M3 Coupe which is also staying as she is a garage queen.

I am looking for something more practical for daily use. I am possibly going to sell the Misses' car, but all mine are staying. We have a Springer Spaniel that needs some boot space and two mountain bikes I want to put on the roof. The RS4 Avant is the obvious choice for what I need. I've never owned a V8 and it is an itch I need to scratch. Therefore being a 'Manual gearbox-man' through and through, I am looking for a B7 RS4 Avant in Sprint Blue. My M3, S2000 and CBR600RR are all Blue, so the RS4 has to be Blue too! I like Blue! :nogarors4: Sprint Blue is a lovely colour in the flesh so got my heart set on it.

I have driven a couple of B7 RS4 Avants now and really like the DRC. It rides much nicer than my M3 on KW V3's, so the DRC will be staying. If anyone knows of any nice Sprint Blue B7 RS4 Avants coming up for sale with good maintenance/history; please let me know. I would like buckets, Sat Nav, DRC still fitted & working (obviously) and preferably a sunroof. Bluetooth would be useful too. Other than that I am open to spec. I'm not in a rush, so will wait for the right car.

This is a great forum and I have been learning about all the things to look out for when I view the cars. It has already made me reject a couple of possibilities due to issues. Things I am looking out for above usual checks made when buying a car:

- DRC knocking. Any DRC work including warranty/recalls
- Clutch pedal notchy or recent clutch/flywheel replacement
- oil cooler/lines replacement
- Condition of aux radiators
- exhaust valves opening
- intake flaps working
- hesitation - de-coking completed
- condition of brakes (due to replacement cost)

Thanks for the help that some members have already given me, particularly SurreySam

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