HID Bulb choice

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HID Bulb choice

Post by Foxmeister » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:21 am

So its not on the RS but my daily VW CC, headlight bulb blew recently and standard Philips Xenstart ones are coming back at over 100 each most places, its the D3S type (high/low beam xenon) and im reluctant to buy cheapos as theres plenty chinese knockoffs on Fleabay and Amazon etc, so ive picked up on Powerbulbs site who supply genuine, any others to look at?

Also, the part number on mine existing bulb seems hard to find, so likely superceeded by now (2013 car) so ive found the Philips Xtreme Vision Gen2 to get the best write ups, on Powerbulbs site at £131 for a pair with a discount, any others i should consider?

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