Buyin g an S2

2.2 I5 20v turbo - 220bhp
2.2 I5 20v turbo - 230bhp
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Buyin g an S2

Post by Mcdubber1 » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:21 pm

I'm considering buying an S2 but not sure what the common problems are to look out for? It's an early model, 91 i think it is with 183k on the clock and no proof of the turbo ever being changed but has service history up to 160k. I've been sent alot of pics and it seems to be in pretty good nick considering the mileage and the owner tells me there is no rust or oil leaks. I know the engines in these are really strong and good for alot of miles but i would be using it daily and don't want to be rebiulding it after a few more thousand miles so what should i look out for and if it is a good strong engine what sort of miles can they reach without rebilding and what mileage is the turbo good for?
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