S4 / S5 EA839 tuning

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S4 / S5 EA839 tuning

Post by S4-wez » Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:26 pm

Hey guys, just finally got my car mapped and going through the development work myself on my MY17 Audi S4 B9.

Started to use process to build a more powerful car from the ground up that is reliable, strong and OEM drive.

after running some tests on increasing the power yesterday I found With the new S4 engine we are just finding out limits that restrict the engine from producing the big power we all crave.

The first restriction seems to be around intake temperatures due to a small intercooler the air temperatures already exceed 60° and when mapping struggle to keep the temperatures below 70°. This means that power is limited for a remap around 410 bhp. Any tuning company offering more than 410 bhp from this engine in my opinion is seriously jeopardising then the longevity of the car or lying about their figures.

Why is intake temperatures important? In modern turbocharged internal combustion engines the cooling of the air after the compression stage is the standard technique to reduce temperature of the engine intake air aimed at improving cylinder filling (volumetric efficiency). At present, standard values for optimum performance is intake air temperature in the range 30-70°C. With the new EA839 engines in the S4 etc... running above 60° as standard, changing the Intercooler is a must and a dirty trick by Audi to restrict the power.

If any of you guys are interested in finding out more please shout up.

I have mapped mine now to 410bhp with an OEM drive that’s so much smoother and refined to drive.

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Re: S4 / S5 EA839 tuning

Post by Sc08 lab » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:24 am

Would love to know how you're getting on

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