No pops and bangs on a RS Sports exhaust system?

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No pops and bangs on a RS Sports exhaust system?

Post by Skydiver777000 » Fri Mar 01, 2024 9:03 pm

Hello Just bought a 73 plate (UK) RS6 Vorsprung and for some reason the exhaust not only seems louder but it pops and bangs when in neutral and put to the rev limiter (which it never used to do) However when driving in RS1, RS2 or even dynamic with the gearbox in S, when i downshift, it revs really high and has little to no pops or bangs(Sadly). Having just sold my 72 plate vorpsrung it always popped and bangged on the downshift and overun. Im not sure why it isnt popping and banging when both cars are essentially the same spec wise apart from colour and stiching colour . Ive been searching for ages on how and why and would very much like to get the pops and bangs that i certainly craze and very much miss on the downshift. (FYI when downshifting at 2000 RPM in the 72 plate it wouldnt climb revs very high and would pop and bang loads. Comapred to the 73 plate which now has better throttle response, louder exhaust yet higher RPM climb when downshifitng at 2000 RPM as if trying to rev match) Could someone please shed some light on this please and if possible a factory way to fix it without voiding warranty. Hoping it may be a ECU or transimission software that can easily be corrected due to having been serviced as vehicle has just been bought.

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