RS brakes - what are they ?

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RS brakes - what are they ?

Post by liffy99 » Thu Feb 02, 2023 6:49 pm

Looking at options for front brakes on the RS5 ( pricey aren’t they). But I’m struggling to understand what the std fit ones are.
Ok, they are 375 x 36mm and described as ‘two piece’. But they don’t look the same as the usual rotor plus bolt on bell you come across.
Do Audi’s ‘two piece’ brakes even come apart ?
I looked at options from a company called Reylands who sell rotors or the complete rotor + bell kits. With the former you can unbolt your existing bells and reuse them on new rotors. A far cheaper and less wasteful option.
But can you do this with the RS5 brakes ???
The complete Reyland rotor + bell kit would fit straight in ( and next time I’d only have to change the rotors) but seems pointless unless I keep the car beyond the lifetime of a new set of disks.

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Re: RS brakes - what are they ?

Post by hahnmgh63 » Mon Mar 13, 2023 3:05 pm

Most Audi 2pc (and many Porsche 2pc) Rotors are made by a German company SHW. They are very good brake rotors and for OEM they are quieter than most aftermarket 2pc rotors....but they do not come apart so you can't replace just the rotor. The Steel Rotor rides on Stainless Steel pins that are pressed into the Aluminum hat. As the Rotor expands it can ride out slighly on the Stainless Steel pins and do make some noise when very hot but not as much as most aftermarket 2pc rotors. SHW are not cheap, and they are great quality, just look at a newer Porsche GT3 without Ceramic brakes, the Steel Rotors will be SHW.
I've heard good things about Reylands over in the UK, Girodisc are in N. America and a very ruputable international racing brake company but I would imagine shipping on a set of rotors would be costly compared to Reylands.

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