DMS Automotive tune

2.9 V6 24v TFSI - 444 bhp
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DMS Automotive tune

Post by stevo55 » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:16 pm

A business trip to Southampton managed to present an opportunity to go and take the car to DMS (although they can do it on your drive-taking it to them means you get the full service including dyno runs). They can highly recommended and can also remove tune for when the car goes into Audi etc (car is now out of warranty). Without going into the age old discussion of ‘can a tune be discovered’ (my thoughts on this are ‘yes if they dig deep enough’ so you take that chance), it sounded like a good deal.
Really professional set up and people there-the quality of cars there is unreal and it’s sat in a petrol heads dream industrial estate. There was a C7 PE and a C8 Vorsprung getting done while I was there.
Took a few hours and a few runs until the results were in-part of the magic is you get taken to upstairs office to be shown results (and pay of course). On the website their projection is 525 bhp and 750 nm torque:

Very happy with the results to say the least! Torque is down on projected (they reckon the exhaust helped with the extra bhp) but all in all not bad for a Stage 1 tune. Only other mod I have is the non Res Milltek.
Makes a significant enough difference to the drive that’s for sure-car is scaring me again which is a good’s just not aggressive enough for me so hopefully this will do the trick (I have no plans for any other mods). Thing goes like a stabbed rat now.
Highly recommend DMS and you get unlimited take offs and retunes for life as part of the package. They come to you wherever you are and do it on the drive.
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