Exhaust, mods etc

2.9 V6 24v TFSI - 444 bhp
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Exhaust, mods etc

Post by stevo55 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:01 pm

Pretty quiet on this forum (regardless of C-19) so that leads me to think there aren’t too many of us out there? How many B9 RS5’s are there on the road? I haven’t seen another one in my limited travels so far but that’s not really saying anything at the present I guess.
The few times I do get to drive it just makes reinforces that I really did buy the right car. Really special place to be and then some. Finally got round to fitting the smaller plates which really suit the car welI I thinkImage

One consistent area is the real lack of noise-having had a look there seem to be only a few options:
Milltek non res with the control module seems to come in around £3k. Remus around the same although not sure if they have valve control.
No prices for Capristo that I could find
All sound decent enough (never going to be a V8 sound but makes up for it everywhere else) just wondering what recommendations owners have?
Also noticed that US market with the Dynamic Pack got the alcantara steering wheel and branded floor mats-not for UK though which is poor. Do Audi UK do OEM mats or is it an aftermarket job? Looked at Royal Steering Wheels for the alcantara job and they’ve come recommended.
As the car is in warranty am not looking at a tune (may not even bother) but so far there are only a few options out there unless you want to pay a warranty friendly ABT price of ££&&&
Anyone gone down that route and if so what do you recommend?
Cheers and hope cabin fever isn’t settling in too much.

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