High mileage S4/B9 worth the risk ?

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High mileage S4/B9 worth the risk ?

Post by Ridgeway » Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:14 am

I feel the need, the need for speed.....

Haven't had a proper car since i sold my 2004 4.2 V8 S4 some years back, since then i've been driving sofas (RRS etc) and so i very tempted back into S4's, pretty much my favourite car of all time.

Now here's the dilemma..... my budget ca stretch to a 2017/18 B9 but many have more KM's on them than i'd prefer in a "pre-loved" vehicle, typical seems to be about 60k KM (say 40k miles) but there's a beautiful 2018 vehicle (the right spec) that has come up that has done 100k KM (60k miles) and whilst i love the spec and prefer a younger car it's clearly done a lot more miles/KM's and is just out of warranty (will come with a decent 1yr VW/Audi warranty).

Is it wise to consider higher mileage S4'S ? my 2004 vehicle was bullet proof and i sold it with 150k km on the clock and it still ran like it was new.

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