S4 B8 tuning

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S4 B8 tuning

Post by dwlon » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:13 pm

Considering engine stage 1 remaps for an S4 B8 including APR, which is expensive (£1100+) and Quantum, which is comparatively cheap (£300+).

APR brings power up to around 440bhp with the right fuel, requiring no mechanical changes (except a new supercharger drive pulley if you want more torque).

Quantum adjusts power more modestly to 395bhp at much reduced cost - a 19% gain.

I'd really like to hear from anyone whose tried APR or Quantum or maybe even both - is the power adjustment/fuel consumption radically different and worth the expense?

Also, what are the downside risks for the engine/supercharger itself?

And is it worth fitting a sports exhaust at the same time?


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