Wheel-setup question

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2.5 I5 20v TFSI - 395 bhp
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Wheel-setup question

Post by lsjt » Thu Sep 09, 2021 4:09 pm


New RS3 owner here since a few weeks, a '19 Sedan!

I am looking to purchase a new set of wheels, 19 inch. As it is right now I have OEM rims, they are 8 inch wide I believe. Looking for something wider then this, and an offset that'll make the stance wider - I do not want spacers.

So far i've looked at Vossen-wheels and liking the look of it. I have limited experience with wheel fittings - my question is: How much offset can I go for with a given rim, I really want the car to look wider then it does atm, the vossens im looking at are 9 wide with an ET of 42, is there any other obvious alternatives that will stretch a lil further then before mentioned rim?

Hoping some RS3 guru will help me out here :)

Cheers from sweden

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