Secret RS2 Register on facebook

2.2 I5 20v turbo - 315 bhp
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Secret RS2 Register on facebook

Post by RS2 PORSCHE Typ 2862 » Fri Nov 29, 2013 2:23 pm

Hi guys

Nik and I, both S2forum members and RS2 owners, have started a secret RS2 Register on Facebook, to get access to this register, you must of course own a RS2 and register it on our RS2 register.
The things i need for this register is:

1. Chassi number or Vin:
2. Date of production:
3. Date of first registation:
4. Engine Code / number:
5 Gearbox Code:
6. Colour:
7. Roof rails:
8. Interior Trim:
9. Carbon or Wood trim:
10. Sunroof:
11. No aircon/Aircon/Climate:
12. LHD/RHD:
13. The Country it was sold to originally:
14. The Country it is in now:
15. Status: With number plates, No numberplates or scrapped:
16: A picture of the car:

We would be very thankful if would like to chip in with your data and stories, you can just send me a PM with the details of your RS2.
Or send an email to:


Phillip RS2 owner from Denmark and Nik RS2 owner from New Zealand
Kind regards

Phillip Kjær Ballegaard
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Re: Secret RS2 Register on facebook

Post by dubbed_up_daz » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:00 pm

Does ownership necessarily have to be a requisite for the Facespace page? The only reason is because I have an ongoing constant urge for an RS2 and I WILL!! scratch it eventually...

Also could you check this topic out for me

Its a planned gathering for RS2s for the anniversary :beerchug: If you do a search on Facebook for Rico Dieling for more RS2 based shenanigans :biggrin3:

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