Anyone know this car (RS2 - UK licence plate LHD RS2 - M609 ELA)

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Anyone know this car (RS2 - UK licence plate LHD RS2 - M609 ELA)

Post by stephantm » Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:22 pm

After tips from RS2 Facebook group, here we go! I am trying to fill some gaps in the motor-history for this particular -96 LHD Audi RS2 from the period in UK (2000-2008). It was registered in UK in November 2000 (Imported from Germany) with licence plate M609 ELA . If anyone knows the car or any previous owners, it would be great to learn more. I have the name of the owner for the last 6 months in UK in -08, but in the period between November 2000 and February 2008 is blank. I have not received replies from the UK owner yet.

It was exported to Norway in 2008, I acquired it 10 years ago and have stored and cared for it since. It is back on the road , good shape , it has done 132`km on the clock, pulls like a champ and is currently getting a lot of TLC. Ufortunately I postponed this research for a long time, but you never know.... :)

Thanks in advance
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