Just why?

2.5 I5 20v TFSI - 306 bhp (2013-2014)
2.5 I5 20v TFSI - 335 bhp (2015-)
2.5 I5 20v TFSI - 362 bhp (Performance 2016-)
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Re: Just why?

Post by PSB1 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:24 pm

There's something deeply wrong with me. I quite like this:

https://usedcars.audi.co.uk/usedcar/aud ... |gallery/1
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Re: Just why?

Post by smudge » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:08 pm

That's not too bad, the colour certainly helps. Just lower it and make it more like an RS3 and it might pass.

Otherwise..... :ban:
It's all torque talk.

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Re: Just why?

Post by marc1 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:30 pm

Would much rather have a new GLC43 AMG for that money with a six cylinder engine, similar power/torque and full AWD in 40F : 60R split.

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Re: Just why?

Post by langstone » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:30 pm

Recently purchased an RSQ3 performance for the missus she loves the RS6 but is now suffering a bit with back pain so wanted something a little taller, looked around and the Q3 seemed the right size vehicle for her needs so we went and tried a 2014 RSQ3 locally but it sold very quickly. Then found a 2016 RSQ3 Performance on line and it too was sold very fast, enquired about 3 others all sold by the time we contacted the dealers. :-(

Eventually purchased Mythos black machine with Pano roof, Tech Pack, and afew other bits from Swindon Audi and the wife is very pleased with it.

It has a totally different character to my RS6 C5 (which I intend keeping for a while longer), much more urgent, reminds me in some ways of a Lancia Delta Integrale 8v I tried when I was looking at replacing my Alfa Romeo 75 2.0TS (I eventually purchased a 2.0 Ur Quattro 8v). The RS6 has a much more relaxed character and I prefer the looks of the RS6.

The RSQ3 has several advantages, first and foremost as far as the missus in concerned is she doesn't have to lower herself int the car, it has lots of new toys, the headlights are brilliant, the MMI is massive improvement over the RNS-E, The gearbox in the RSQ3 is very much quicker and of course has 2 more cogs, Fuel economy seems much better but will have to check this as we have only had to fill it once. The ride in the RSQ3 is surprisingly good.
We tried a Merc GLA45 as well and we that the Mercs cars ride and the engine note would have grated after a while, the Merc felt it had to be worked really hard all the time. I think I preferred the look of the Merc except for the infotainment system which looked like an aftermarket add on.
The 5 cylinder in the rSq3 can feel very comfortable and calm when cruising and quite mental if the mood takes you. Not had a chance to try the Launch control yet. :-).
I like the look of the supersprint Twin Exhaust kit for the RSq3 but not sure if I can justify changing this on a nearly new car.I also like the idea of a reversing camera, which is not fitted but could be added for quite a lot of beer tokens and is not really needed.



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