Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

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Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

Post by dougle_turbo » Sun May 13, 2018 9:07 am

Late last year after some deliberation I decided to sell the RS4 and buy a track car. Initially, I had wanted to keep the RS4 and run a track car but with 3 vehicles already on the drive, it just wasn't an option.

Because I was new to track day driving, (I had only attended a couple) the brief I gave to myself was that it needed to be cheap to run, repair and insure (a good idea - more on this later). Having looked at lots of options and been very tempted by E36s, Porsches and other machinery I managed to stay on brief and found a great little 172 Cup that was already track prepped, owned by none other than PhilT and W8PMC.

Nicole aka Track slag on collection:

PhilT kindly scared the crap out of me at Donington on a very cold and wet day in earlier this year by showing me exactly how quick these 172 cups are around a track (and seriously embarrassing some more exotic machinery). We did a deal, and a couple of weeks later I was driving the 3+ hour drive back to London in a very loud, stripped out 172 Cup. (Thank god for noise cancelling earphones!)

So having picked up Nicole I was keen to get on track and duly booked a track day at Brands with fellow forum member FaisalJ. The weather was set to be a mixed bag and we had both dry and wet driving conditions before lunch, thankfully Nicole had a set of wet and semi-slick tyres so either wet and dry running were catered for. Nicole ran very well before lunch as I steadily got to grips with the handling and the weather conditions. So far, so good. The post-lunch session was to be a memorable one...albeit for all the wrong reasons.

A sunny morning greeted us (although the gritters were out):
On the 10thish lap after lunch, as I passed the apex into Paddock Hill bend, my talent (which was limited to start with) left me completely as the car stepped out at the rear end. A valiant effort in trying to save the slide ended in me and the car racing sideways through the gravel at speed, and the inevitable full roll. Thankfully I was absolutely fine, the seats and harness doing the job. Nicole, however, didn't get off as lightly.

Nicole with some serious gravel rash.
So after a trip to the med centre, I was left feeling pretty flat, and slightly sore. The only good news was that the engine started and ran okay, somehow the wheels were all pointing in the right direction and I could drive it around the paddock, making putting it on the recovery truck that bit easier.

More to follow.....
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Clio 172 Cup track car "Nicole" aka NV1 - R.I.P
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Re: Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

Post by 535dboy » Mon May 14, 2018 6:54 am


Glad you are ok

Tricky corner that one and as you now know the one that can bite back but you aren’t the first and won’t be the last

Dust yourself off and have another go when you and the/a car are ready
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Re: Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

Post by PhilT » Wed May 16, 2018 3:36 pm

Clio 172 Cup track car "Nicole" aka NV1 - R.I.P :cry:
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Re: Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

Post by FaisalJ » Wed May 16, 2018 5:06 pm

Good call starting a thread Doug!

The TT made it into the gravel that day too, with my nephew at the wheel and me crapping it in the passenger seat.

(Jump to 3:15)

A good dozen or so cars did the exact same thing that day!
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Re: Track car ownership - The highs and lows.

Post by Ben_r1 » Fri May 25, 2018 11:10 am

Lucky man you should never run fixed buckets and harnesses without a cage, if the roof were to collapse you lose the ability of being pushed down and backwards.

Fortunately the Mk2 clios I’ve seen roll over the years all seem to maintain shape very well. I did exactly the same thing in a 172 ph1 a few years back but managed to straighten her up and go in the gravel front ways.

If you had a rear ARB fitted and it was stripped out and damp it’s a recipe for disaster, always disconnect the links and cable tie it up in wet conditions!

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