Engine Mounts.

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Engine Mounts.

Post by coullboy » Mon May 08, 2017 10:45 pm

Has anyone had a go at changing their engine mounts on their B5 RS4?
I would like to get my hands on the genuine audi procedure for changing them. Had a look at the weekend.
They are not easy to get at. its the top nuts that are the tricky bit! the bottom brackets are easy enough.
I'm guessing there is a proper procedure for doing it, which would likely save hours of work removing unnecessary parts.
Is that sort of info available on ETKA ? ELSA??


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Re: Engine Mounts.

Post by mavada » Tue May 16, 2017 6:10 pm

I would suggest to post your question on http://audisrs.com/index.php?sid=038e7e ... ba7879e818

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Re: Engine Mounts.

Post by SilverS4 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:02 pm

I did the ones on my S4.
Need block of wood to jack the sump.
Right hand is fairly easy,
Headlight, inlet pipe, top bolt.
Left is a little trickier.
Remove the bottom bracket, move the expansion tank, the power steering bottle, headlight, partly remove the inlet pipe and you will see the top nut.
Halfords spark plug 3/8 ratchet and a socket goes in there it's £20 for the ratchet and some bits. Nice flexi head and well worth the £20.

Get a new snub rubber and whilst there get three M10 x 45mm Allen heads, 3 washers, 3 oversized 10mm thick nuts as spacers and bring the snub bracket forward from the motor.
Search on JHM motorsport for snub mounts and you will find a picture relevant.

I used 034 street density mounts, no vibration and won't break like the oem units.
I've added some pics taken during doing the left.
I did the snub, the right and both gearbox mounts in 7 hours.
The left also took 7 hours.
If I'd of done all together I'm thinking allow 10 hours.

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